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The Garden in Summer

I love this orange tree in the backyard.

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March 28, 2013 · 6:58 pm

Excellent Dental Work in Mexico for One-Third the Cost at American Biodental

The following testimonial has not been solicited nor paid for by American Biodental. I don’t make money from this blog either; I simply believe in recommending people that do good work.


It is my pleasure to recommend American Biodental for dental work. They are clean, honest professionals; they take the time to do the work well, and never recommend treatment that you don’t need.

I lost an onlay cap (a partial crown) over the holidays and was concerned that bacteria or chewing would destroy the tooth before I could get to the dentist. They made time for me, even though I called at the last minute.

The attending dentist, Dr. Ismail was very caring, attentive and gentle. With my long history of painful dental work, I realized that I was very tense in the chair, but I shouldn’t have been nervous. I felt so little discomfort, I could have taken a nap!

The doctor said that the onlay cap was in good condition and could be re-cemented, but that the original gold cap (done by another dentist) had a gap between it and the tooth that would eventually make the cap come off again. Rather than trying to convince me that I had to get a new cap then and there, they informed me that I had the option of waiting until the cap comes off again. I opted to re-cement the gold cap, so they drilled out the old cement, and carefully put it back on. I swear it is better seated than ever–I used to feel a small gap (not the one the dentist mentioned) on the outside of the tooth, but it is now so tight that I can’t feel it anymore.
The dentist did a thorough manual examination (this seems to be the custom in Mexico), and didn’t take x-rays or subject me to an unnecessary tooth cleaning. By the way—the x-rays are safe digital readings. He found that one of my composites needed replacing, and they spent a good half-hour carefully drilling out the old filling and building up the composite replacement layer by layer.
I asked the dentist to check for plaque, and he said I didn’t need a cleaning, except for a small spot on the inside of the lower front teeth, where he said everyone gets plaque build-up.
The two procedures together cost me $100; easily one third the price in the US.
American Biodental specializes in biosafe removal of those dangerous amalgam fillings that the US dentists insist upon. Amalgam fillings leak mercury into the body, and are the cause of many subclinical conditions that contribute to ill-health. Since I had these taken out years ago by an American dentist, I cannot vouch for this clinic’s work, but they are certified in the Higgins methodology for safe amalgam removal and bio-compatible composite replacements. I feel that my health is far better than any of my siblings, in part because I had my mercury fillings taken out years ago. I look younger and get sick very rarely. I recommend removing these dangerous fillings ASAP for anyone concerned for their health.
If you need to have extensive dental work done that requires multiple visits, I recommend that you fly into TJ, and stay at the Gran Hotel. American Biodental is located in the lobby of the hotel. This is even easier than driving down from San Diego, as the line going back through security into the US can take up to 4 hours. It is never that long at the airport! If you live in San Diego, a border guard told me to try to arrange an appointment for Monday or Tuesday morning. Friday is the worst day to try to re-enter the USA.
~ Aliyah Marr

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Make Congress Use BP Fines to Repair Gulf

There is no excuse for it… I mean literally, no excuse!

One year after the worst eco-disaster in American history, Congress still hasn’t done a thing – NOT ONE THING – to repair the damage and help the fragile Gulf Coast recover.

What’s worse: there isn’t even a good reason. There are NO powerful special interests lined up against us. There are NO lobbyists standing in our way. It’s just the inability of Washington politicians to agree on what to do – with the Gulf wetlands and the communities who depend on them caught in the middle.

Please Take Action: Tell Congress to stop holding the billions of BP Clean Water Act fines hostage and pass the RESTORE The Gulf Act of 2011 to dedicate funds where they’re needed most – Gulf restoration.

We need Congress to act before the August recess and before the 2012 campaign begins in earnest and diverts political attention.

The Tyranny of Inaction

If Congress doesn’t pass legislation to direct BP’s fines to Gulf restoration, two things will happen:

1. The funds will simply go to the U.S. Treasury’s “general fund” – never to be seen again, and
2. We will have squandered a once-in-a-generation opportunity to invest in real Gulf Coast restoration.

Here is why this legislation matters. For decades, the fragile Gulf Coast wetlands have been cut up, channelized, and engineered to serve the offshore oil industry and shipping interests – starving the wetlands of silt and sediment and poisoning them with saltwater.

As a result, the wetlands are disappearing – not just shifting or changing – they’re actually vanishing.

So, after the devastation of Hurricanes Katrina and Rita, last year’s BP blowout and resulting oil catastrophe battered an already depleted and vulnerable coastline.

And the damage is still being felt. To this day, oil continues to wash up on Gulf shores. As much as 30 percent of the spilled oil is still out there: on or under beaches, draped across marshes, sunk to the bottom, floating as tar balls.

This issue isn’t complicated. As the Gulf struggles to recover, the only thing we’re asking Congress to do is simply pass common sense legislation to direct the BP fines to fix the Gulf.

Sadly, in Washington these days, nothing is simple. That’s why we need you to help us force the issue.

Please Take Action: Tell your members of Congress to pass the RESTORE The Gulf Act of 2011 before they break for August recess

If you have time, here are three more things you can do to help:

1) Spread the word. Forward this link to your family and friends and urge them to join you in calling for Gulf Coast restoration: 

2) Check our our Restoration and Resilience blog to learn more about the issue.

3) Follow our EDF Louisiana Twitter account to keep up with our Gulf Coast efforts.

You can also Follow us on Facebook

Thanks again for all that you do as a member of our Action Network. We’ll keep you posted on the fight ahead.

Environmental Defense Action Fund

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Congressmen like Bilbray Want Nuclear Power & Oil Drilling Despite Disasters

What is it about environmental disaster don’t they get? We have had a major oil spill off the gulf coast a nuclear disaster in Japan and these guys still want to drill in Alaska, off-shore in California AND support the nuclear programs.

Don’t they get it? What do they need — a disaster in their home town?

I wonder who’s pocket Congressman Bilbray is in? I can only assume that he is getting paid well or that he is stupid beyond belief.

I find it hard to believe that anyone with an ounce of empathy or foresight would not be able to see that what happened in the gulf and what happened in Japan could happen again, with disastrous consequences. Just because they want to drill in a far away place like Alaska doesn’t mean a spill won’t have an effect globally.

Are American’s so stupid and insensitive that they would trade a clean environment for their children for cheaper gas at the pump today? According to people like Bilbray, we ARE that stupid and insensitive. We think it can’t happen here, but our nuclear facilities are decades old, and we have proof that an oil spill can not only happen, but that the companies responsible will not clean it up. That one oil spill changed our weather forever, by changing the temperature of the gulf stream. (See article on this in this blog below.)

Apparently, the oil / nuclear power backers of congressmen like Bilbray are betting that we are hurting so much from the high gas prices at the pump that we will ignore the disasters that they cause. Meanwhile, they are raking in the dough.

My favorite part of this “personal letter” is that I can’t reply to it. So I decided to make it public. We need no further proof of the disregard of our “representatives” to their constituents. Who elected this bozo?

Following is the letter I received from Congressman Bilbray after I wrote to him protesting the stronghold that the oil/nuclear industries have on this country and on the world.


Message from Congressman Brian Bilbray (50th Congressional District)

Thank you for contacting me regarding our nation’s energy policy.  I appreciate hearing from you on this important issue.

Providing our country with an affordable and sustainable energy supply is an important priority of mine.  Currently the United States imports 51 percent of the petroleum it consumes.  We can work to reduce this amount by focusing on America’s ability to develop our own natural gas and other energy resources.  Expanding domestic energy production will benefit jobs, enhance our energy security, and ultimately profit the American economy.

In an attempt to decrease our foreign energy dependence, I have co-sponsored H.R. 49, the American Energy Independence and Price Reduction Act, sponsored by Congressman Don Young (R-AK), to direct the Secretary of the Interior to implement a competitive leasing program for the exploration, development, and production of oil and gas resources on the Coastal Plain of Alaska and the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge.  This legislation will make available an estimated 5.7 to 16 billion barrels of oil.  Once that oil is made available the world price of oil will decrease and gas prices will likely follow.

In addition, I support granting states the right to explore and drill for oil resources within their own domain.  For example, if the states of Louisiana, Mississippi and Alabama want to grant drilling rights off their coast, Washington, DC bureaucrats should not impede their leasing authority as long as environmental and safety concerns are properly and adequately addressed and that there are no national security concerns.

However, increasing supply through off-shore drilling is only an intermediate step, and does not address the imperative need to pursue policies that reduce oil reliance.  To prepare for the long term, we must invest in sustainable energy sources such as solar, nuclear, algae-based biofuels and hydrogen technologies.  For this reason, I have introduced H.R. 1149 which will provide tax credits for algae-based biofuel producers.  I have also been a long time supporter of a robust and sustainable nuclear energy industry in the U.S.  Nuclear energy is much cleaner than coal and oil energy and is much more efficient.  All of these legislative proposals, from drilling in Alaska, to allowing states the opportunity to drill of their coasts, from increasing the availability of biofuels, to expanding our nuclear energy portfolio, will help keep America independent of foreign energy sources and are the key to the future success of the American economy.

Please be assured that as we continue to discuss this issue and other matters that affect our nation’s energy needs I will keep your thoughts in mind. Again, thank you for contacting me.  If you should have any questions, please feel free to call me or my office at (202) 225-0508.


Brian Bilbray
Member of Congress

Please do not reply to this email, as messages sent to this email inbox cannot be answered. If you would like to contact Congressman Bilbray, please visit our website at .

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